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Sue Nairne, Just For Fun Dance Academy September 2017

Thank you so much for all your work with the girls over the last 10 weeks, I really LOVE the piece and your professionalism and love for Flamenco has rubbed off on the girls.... you have been BRILLIANT I'm so grateful.

Angela Stebbing (Restaurateur) 31 January 2015 

Thankyou Veronica for the last 15 years of classes that I have had with you.  I was recently thinking of how lucky we are to have had such a passionate advocate of flamenco in Adelaide and how we have all grown and developed our understanding of this wonderful art "Flamenco".

You not only taught us about the movements and dance steps, but stressed the importance of the singer and guitar and the unique way that they are intrinsically connected.  Not only were we taught "the connection", but I thankyou so much for the opportunity to put it into practice every week at Casablabla for the last 5 years.  I really appreciate the benefits of being able to experience the true "bulerias" and fiesta with "el Titi de Algeciras".

My trip to Spain in 2012 was enhanced by the understanding you had given us of the "spirit of flamenco".  Thankyou and "Ole".

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Danielle Makras (GP) January 2015

I have studied Flamenco and Spanish dance with Veronica for over 15 years.  She is always inspiring and imbues her students with a passion for and deeper appreciation of this dance form, that comes from her many years of experience.  She devotes herself to her teaching and shares her knowledge of the many varied choreographies that are authentic, beautiful and work well in a performance setting for both group and solo dances.  What really stands out for me is her sensitivity and understanding of the importance of the cante (song); this is reflected in the way dancers who study with her, gain confidence when dancing with a singer.  I would highly recommend Veronica Vargas as a teacher to any one who wishes to learn flamenco.


Michaela Nelson (Teacher) January 2015

Thanks to Veronica and Triana Flamenco, flamenco dance and music has become a huge part of my life - a part that I will always treasure!  In the fifteen years plus that I have danced with Veronica, she has shared with me and all her students, her passion for flamenco and her depth of knowledge of the art form.  Veronica gives her students an excellent understanding of all the different elements of flamenco dance and music, from footwork to palmas, castanets, jaleo, bata de cola and more, which is what made me choose to study with her school many years ago.  I have learned so much from her and had so many great experiences since! 

Marsha Weston,

Singing Teacher and Counsellor, Flamenco dancer. 1 February 2015

 Veronica Vargas has been my Flamenco teacher for 18 years now.  Through those years Flamenco became an intrinsic part of my life.  Veronica is a wonderful dancer and her earthy and fiery style, so true to real Flamenco Spirit, always moves and inspires me.  Veronica's extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Flamenco as an Art Form and her experience of Flamenco in Spain makes her an excellent teacher.  She has a very solid approach to dance technique and expression and also focuses on working with singing and guitar.   

I find that Veronica truly appreciates individuality in each of us (her students) and therefore encourages our own style to shine through.  I also love it that Veronica values fairness, harmony and supportive team spirit within her school and dance company.

Even though I had a couple of breaks from dancing when my children were little, I always came back to Veronica's Flamenco Dance Studio for it became the place where I belong.


Victoria Argent, 30, mother of three and home business owner February 2015

I have been attending classes with Veronica Vargas since I was eleven (for about 18 years now) and I have never been tempted to go anywhere else.  Her classes are fun, interesting and a great work out.  You don't just learn steps and movements; you also get an insight into a different culture.  You're exposed to the real 'meaning' of the dance through working with professional musicians and a real gypsy singer.  Veronica brings invaluable experience and understanding to her classes and performances as she's lived and breathed the dance and life in Spain.  Her passion for the art form is contagious and you can't help but make Flamenco a permanent part of your life. 

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Critics have said:

"Espana Olé -- A Gypsy Journey proves to be one of the most engaging, soothing and wonderfully intelligent productions offered by Veronica Vargas and her dancers... A delicious afternoon of great dance and music with a greater emphasis on interaction between singer el Titi de Algeciras and dancers and a thrilling ebb and flow of tempo and atmosphere. Bulerias Fiesta... an opportunity to observe Flamenco used as a means of parodying authority figures... Soleares and Tientos/Tarantos spanned the grand passions of the form in gripping style."
David O’Brien -- Ausdance Magazine

Bolero Flamenco
On the production: “Blending song and dance in each part of the production, Choreographer/Dancer Vargas instilled a warm, intense yet flowing sense of Andalucian Flamenco in Part 1. The Spanish dance of Part 2 offered tightly structured, colourful, rivetting moves, culminating in a ravishing version of Ravel’s Bolero.”
On the dance: “…but none reach the heights of Vargas herself… Dressed in black displayed a sweeping mastery of technique and passion. Her unsurpassed footwork, seamless control of torso and lower body were a must to see to understand what the heart of this dance is for.” David O’Brien – Ausdance Magazine

"Vargas quite outstanding as a soloist - exuberance, fire passion literally burst from the compact frame. This is raw gutsy stuff...
The Australian

"Vargas exuded fire, pride and passion in her beautifully controlled, proud and sensual solos."
Perth Sunday/Art

"Veronica Vargas... is an intuitive and wonderful actor... really comes into her own... riveting to watch"
West Australian

"Magnificent Ole! Ole' nothing equalled the magnificent solos by Veronica Vargas... Vargas' many years of dancing, including her training in Seville, have produced a deep feeling for the spirit of flamenco".
The Advertiser

"Veronica Vargas has been the face of Spanish Dance for many years... the passion and power of Vargas... Veronica Vargas has choreographed sensitively for her and two supporting dancers"
Kathy Keech - Ausdance Magazine

"Veronica Vargas... her choreography capitalises sensitively on the personalities and capabilities of her dancers... created some strong images, some powerful moments and a sense of play between each other..."
Carolyn Bishop - Ausdance

"la unica aqui que tiene sus pies en el suelo" ie "The only dancer here [referring to Australia] who has her feet firmly on the ground when it comes to authentic flamenco"
el Titi de Algeciras - gypsy flamenco singer

Bolero Flamenco "...dance and music of her latest show has a confident authenticity" Vargas dances with palpable authority."
Alan Brissenden - Adelaide Review


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